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Since 1987, Thompson Communications has provided writing, editing and text-based graphic design to clients across North America.​ Robin Thompson has been doing resumes for elite executives  since 1993.​





At ThompsonCom, not only does every document have to read well, it must be presented in the most effective manner possible.


Eloquent words plus dazzling design equal outstanding communications.


thompson communications

The very best in writing, editing and
text-based graphic design, including
the ThompsonCom Ultimate Resume.

our work


copy editor: Bone, Fog, Ash and Star.

promo, estudies
promo, estudies

image management, Civic Solutions Inc.

promo, managing information
promo, managing information

promotional design, Civic Solutions Inc.


copy editor: The Comic Book War

rotary club
rotary club

editor, designer: regional Rotary Club governor's newsletter.


originator: the Thompson Communications Elite Resume


about robin thompson

Robin Thompson has more than 30 years experience in journalism, editing and design. She has received numerous awards for ground-breaking work in internet magazines, including an installation at the New Museum of Art in New York, and is one of the highest-regarded resume writers in Canada.


Robin loves words so much she reads 200 to 300 books every year.





the thompsoncom resume

Thompson Communications has redeveloped, redefined and professionalized the resume to produce a result that is unmatched in North America.


Our approach to resumes is simple: we work closely with you to analyze your background and skills to create an effective profile of marketable assets and present that profile in a way that ensures recruiters will want to interview you.

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Ultimate Resume, $445

Includes two versions (pdf, doc), cover letter template and 

editorial support for one year. We also optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Resume Guidance, $165

We critique your resume and walk you through optimizing it. Then we proofread the final version and cover letter. We also advise you on making a great LinkedIn profile.


corporate communications
editing and author support

ThompsonCom has become well-known for brainstorming with clients, from small businesses to large law firms, to develop a range of highly effective corporate communications. Our services include [but don't end with]:

  • corporate branding and image design;

  • digital newsletter writing, editing and design;

  • proposal writing and editing;

  • website project management;

  • on-call editing and proofreading.


We are always pleased to provide samples of our work.

ThompsonCom has been working with North American regional and national publishers since before 2000 to provide developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading of fiction and nonfiction books.


Robin Thompson has a proven reputation for working with new and emerging authors, from their first idea to the final proofread before publication.


Genres include sci-fi, fantasy, young adult and popular novels, and history, biography and academic nonfiction.


Whether you are a publisher or new author, phone or email us to talk about your publishing project.

“Robin has the passion that few other people can match or meet, no matter what the task or role. In addition, I have seen her work feverishly to not only succeed at her own goals, but to assist others to succeed in their goals at the same time.”
—Stephen Cassady, CEO at 247Condo
“I sent my resume to a few companies and recruiters and all have gotten back to me. Even the ones who wouldn't give me the time of day a few months ago. Definitely working!!” —Bryan M.




clients say

"When faced with the need to interview for a job for the first time in 20 years I reached out to Robin for help with my resume. What she provided greatly exceeded my expectations. The unique yet still professional format provided a positive first impression to my prospective employers." —Eric B.




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